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An amazing new product from Sunlight Supply! Be ahead of the curve with the Luxor reflector either updating an existing garden or building a new one! The future of reflectors is here! Vertical burning lamp configurations provide optimal light usages from your lamp, keeping your plants happier and giving you more robust, happy and pretty yields.


  • Vertical burning lamp configuration in a completely symmetrical reflector provides optimal light usage from the lamp.
  • Computer 3D modeled reflector and optic for superior performance.
  • New 98% reflective European aluminum interior for unmatched output. Textured 95% reflective corners help create near perfect uniformity.
  • Specifically optimized to eliminate any hot spots from your growing area.
  • Innovative unrestricted airflow designed to cool inside and outside of reflector resulting in lower ambient room temperature.
  • Completely sealed reflective chamber, with double gasketed glass, ensures air tight performance & reduced maintenance.
  • Robust reflector design and materials provide superior strength and longevity.
  • New capture thumb screws & closure mechanism for ease of use and excellent sealing.
  • Dimensions: 30.26″l x 30.26″w x 19.75″h
  • Patent pending: 61/572646




Shipping and Handling is $40 due to the large size of this product. Factory second and Limited quantity. Get it before the deal is gone! You will never see them this cheap again!


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